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    Digital experiences are at their most powerful when stripped down to what matters. We at Raw Strategy are the catalysts between people and their content by creating and amplifying dynamic, rich and authentic digital experiences that are just what nature intended—raw.


    Our mission is to build high-quality custom digital strategy that includes creating and sharing the best and most influential content. We use the best writers, videographers, designers, and curators in the world. These creators are not fed into the system by what they are willing to do, but rather what they can achieve with their craft on behalf of the brand. How strongly the end user is influenced is our bar. And we feel that should be part of every company’s strategy.



    We build a comprehensive digital strategy around goals, challenges, demographics, and highly influential content that can be directly tied to ROI as it extends into all marketing touch points of the brand. Then we work with brand- and agency-side teams to integrate these digital frameworks into every spoke of the marketing wheel to drive engagement. Or, if you prefer, we will roll up our sleeves and do the work—and we scale on a moment’s notice.



    Think of us as your white label content engine—on Red Bull. And the beauty is, we execute everything so you can focus on building your brand. The craft of writing, creating, designing, and curating strong, purposeful content means a deep personal impact, and thus high ROI from not only a medium-term but also a long-term, downstream customer perspective. Our team of globally-renowned writers, designers, and videographers are hand-picked for each project because of their focus and experience on that particular vertical. Though we are industry agnostic, we specialize in lifestyle, travel, health, food, and sports.



    We believe that, while SEO is of preeminent importance in today’s search-centric world, high-end journalistic excellence remains the core of our being; the focus of our every move.



    Storytelling comes in many forms. We use high-end designers who can conceptually capture the meaning behind the data to create powerful stories through design and infographics.



    It moves, it breathes, and it is visually captivating. That's why we work with the best videographers in the business to share your story through video, and motion graphics.


    Analytics + Insights

    Knowing which levers have the most—and least—impact is what drives key decisions that enable a brand to move closer to its ultimate customer.


    Based upon strong analytics, Raw Strategy works with brand-side teams to make strategic recommendations on proper channels and frequency, effective campaigns across channels, and how to use content to create a strong brand experience.



    Digital Strategy + Execution

    Client: ProYo

    Digital Strategy + Management For Rebrand and Relaunch | ProYos.com


    ProYo is a revolutionary high-protein frozen yogurt blend that combines delicious taste, powerful nutrition, clean ingredients, and a touch of delight.


    RAW built the comprehensive digital marketing strategy for ProYo to build brand awareness, capture and educate new customers, and drive retail conversion. Utilizing a multi-channel approach combining paid social, PPC, and digital radio, RAW successfully executed all portions of the strategy.

    Custom Video Production

    Client: Competitor Group, Inc + Cherry Marketing Institute + Weber Shandwick Agency

    4-Part Web Video Series | Women's Running & Competitor.com


    In partnership with Competitor Group, Inc (CGI), Cherry Marketing Institute, and Weber Shandwick, RAW managed the production of a four-part web video series featuring brand ambassadors and athletes, Scout Bassett (Paralympic runner) and Michele Gonzalez (amateur runner). The series was intended to educate the active lifestyle demographic on the health benefits of tart cherries.


    Analytics + Insights

    Client: Zayo Group

    New Website Analytics + Insights | Zayo.com


    Zayo powers and protects customers around the world by providing bandwidth and connectivity over an exceptional network infrastructure.


    After a successful IPO, Zayo Group designed a complex new website for lead generation, and to display new technologies the company was developing. RAW worked with the internal marketing team to provide benchmark analytics, deep monthly actionable insights, and business intelligence to the executive leadership. These also informed the marketing strategies for Zayo’s digital marketing strategy for 2016.

    Content Strategy + Custom Content Production

    Client: Outdoor Industry Association

    Content Strategy + Custom Content Creation For OIA's New Website | OutdoorIndustry.org


    OIA is the leading trade association and voice of the outdoor recreation industry, serving more than 4,000 manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, sales representatives and retailers.



    RAW created a custom content strategy and framework that leveraged its membership, audience, and diverse areas of focus. RAW then used this as a platform to produce custom article, image, and video content for the launch of their new website. Content topics include trade, policy, outdoor recreation, market trends, supply chain, sustainability, personal interviews, retail trends, and many more.

    Professional Athlete Social Media + Content Strategy

    Client: Haymon Boxing Management


    Content Strategy For Professional Boxing Athletes Under Haymon Boxing Management | Premier Boxing Champions



    Haymon Boxing Management is the world’s premier boxing management company. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, it represents the sports top fighters and athletes. The company represents some of the top athletes in the world and is focused on giving them the best possible management and assistance available.


    Haymon Boxing hired RAW Strategy to create customized social media and content strategies for high-profile professional fighters under Haymon Boxing Management. Strategy covered benchmarking, audience demographics, fighter-specific topics, goals, etc across all applicable digital channels.


    Strategy + Custom Content

    Client: MapQuest

    New Site Strategy + Custom Content Development | MapQuest Discover



    In addition to helping create the complex digital content strategy of MapQuest Discover, RAW Strategy built the hundreds of inspiring custom, original travel guides written by travel experts about top travel destinations to help make travel planning even easier. We also created all of the branded content for sponsors across the site adding customized value-adds to their site-wide advertising initiatives. Clients included SeaWorld, Shell V Power, Toyota, South Carolina Tourism, etc.


    MapQuest Discover focuses on the inspiration piece of the trip-cycle by providing a photo-centric social and travel experience centered on places that people may want to explore, whether it’s for a night out, weekend trip, or vacation of a lifetime. Users of Discover can create and share collections of favorite places (“My favorite pubs” or “The Best Golf Courses in North America”) or make bucket lists (“100 Places to see before I kick the bucket”).



    Launching in January 2013, Discover saw over 1 million UMV's within the first month of launch.


    Content Curation: Event

    Client: Twitter

    2012 London Olympics Event Platform #Olympics


    “Twitter brings you closer to the Olympics.” This was the mission of the first-ever Twitter Event page for the 2012 London Olympic Games. RAW Strategy executed Twitter’s vision by providing comprehensive content curation during development of this new product for Twitter. Our team of trained analysts acted as human moderators, manually analyzing, “approving,” and publishing relevant content as it pertained to Olympic athletes, sports, and the Games in general from a stream of millions of tweets coming from international athletes, sportscasters, and celebrities all around the world.




    The first ever Twitter Event page highlighting insider Tweets and photos from the Games, while providing real-time news and results on one shareable platform.


    Content Curation

    Clients: NBC + Twitter

    2010 Vancouver Olympic Games Twitter Content + Visualization Platform | NBCOlympics.com


    RAW was hired to curate and operate the first-ever live social network feeds by curating all Twitter content showcased on the NBC Olympic Pulse Page and the Olympic Twitter Tracker. Our team of trained analysts acted as human moderators, manually analyzing, “approving,” and publishing relevant content as it pertained to Olympic athletes, sports, and the Games in general from a stream of millions of tweets coming from international fans all around the world, as well as from Olympic athletes.




    “RAW Strategy produced our social feeds so that viewers got the most immediate and immersive NBC Olympic experience.” — Perkins Miller, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, NBC Sports & Olympics

    Custom Content

    Client: NBC

    2010 Vancouver Olympics Athlete Health + Fitness Content | NBCOlympics.com



    To support NBC, and their main Olympic sponsor for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games (General Electric), RAW built high end custom content focusing on health, fitness, and athlete preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics on NBC's main portal nbcolympics.com. Our writers interviewed various Olympic athletes and wrote 500 originally-reported stories to be showcased on the Olympic Pulse Page daily. That content was used across many different NBC platforms to disseminate content and build a rich user experience to support GE's Healthy Imagination campaign during the Games.



    NBCOlympics.com website accrued 45.7 million site visits during the two-week event, three times that of the 2006 Winter Olympics.


    Strategy + Custom Content

    Client: iTriage

    iTriage Custom Content for App and Desktop | iTriageHealth.com


    iTriage is a free app and website that puts you at the center of your healthcare. Quickly and easily live with health at hand, every day.



    RAW helped form the content strategy for iTriage to gain access to a new, wellness and preventative-focused demographic. RAW then built the custom content to support the brand, their mobile and desktop platforms, and marketing initiatives.


    Lindsay Yaw Rogers



    Lindsay is the Founder of RAW Strategy. Her background ranges from creating digital media marketing strategies for start-ups and enterprise level companies, to developing and launching a complex SaaS technology for the digital publishing world. She has worked hand in hand with social technology companies such as Twitter creating progressive content curation platforms for two Olympic Games (in partnership with NBC), and has helped numerous brands capitalize on emerging technology platforms and custom branded content programs to tell their story in evocative ways while leveraging revenue drivers.


    She’s a work horse with the air of a dreamer. And she loves nothing more than skiing powder in a massive blizzard.



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    Curators + Creators

    Raw Strategy uses a team of globally renowned video, image, and article creators and curators. Though we specialize in lifestyle, travel, health, and sport, we are industry agnostic and tackle a huge range of projects, and scale on a moment's notice. We are nimble. We are fast.


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